0. Personal Details

1. Universities Attended and Academic Qualifications

2. Awards, Honours, and Grants

3. Fields of Professional Interest

4. Positions Held

a) Permanent Positions

b) Visiting Positions

5. Teaching Experience

6. Administrative and Organisational Experience

7. Publications

a) Papers

b) Monographs and Books

c) Works Edited

d) Reviews

e) Yet to appear

f) Papers Given at Conferences and Learned Societies

8. Current Research Projects

9. Other Relevant Activities

a) Positions in Professional Societies

b) Work for Journals

c) Community Activities

d) Media Activities

e) Dramatic Activities

f) Student Activities

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0. Personal Details

Name:                          Graham George PRIEST

Date, place of birth:    14th November 1948; London, England

Citizenship:                Joint British/Australian


Department of Philosophy

Graduate Center, CUNY

365 5th Av

NY, NY 10016



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  1. Universities Attended and Academic Qualifications:

l967-70            St. John’s College, Cambridge University

Parts lA, IB, Maths Tripos

Part 2, Moral Science Tripos

B.A., 1970

M.A., l974

 l970-71            Bedford College, London University

M.Sc. (with distinction), 1971

Subject:  mathematical logic

 l971-74            London School of Economics, London University

Ph.D. (mathematics), 1974

Subject:  Logic and the philosophy of mathematics

Thesis title:     Type theory in which variables range over predicates

1985                University of Western Australia

Computer Science 100,  A+

2002                University of Melbourne


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  1. Awards, Honours and Grants

1988    President, Australasian Association for Logic.

1989    President, Australasian Association of Philosophy.

1991     Elected Life Member, Clare Hall, Cambridge.

1995    University of Queensland, Humanities Group Research Grant for Outstanding  Researcher: $6,000.

1995    Elected Fellow, Australian Academy of Humanities.

1996-2009       Chair of the Council, Australasian Association of Philosophy.

1997      Australian Research Council Large Grant (with Dominic Hyde): $38,500.

1998-2003 First Vice-President, International Union for Logic, Methodology and the Philosophy of     Science

1998      Australian Research Council Small Grant: $8,000.

1999      British Academy  Travel Grant, 1,400 pounds stg.

2004   Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant (with Allen Hazen and Greg Restall), $110,000.

2008 Made Fellow of Ormond College, Melbourne,

2008-2013 Australian Research Council, Australian Professorial Fellowship, $950,000.

2010-2013 Australian Research Council, Discovery Grant (with Greg Restall), $300,000.

2012 Humboldt Fellowship, 60,000 Euro, held at the Ruhr University of Bochum, 2013.

2012 Ormond Medal (for service to Ormond College).

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  1. Fields of Professional Interest

My central field of professional interest is logic (both mathematical and philosophical) and related subjects.  The related subjects cover a fairly wide range, and include: metaphysics (East and West), the  philosophy  of mathematics, the history  of  philosophy (East and West).  Many other areas of philosophy interest me, and I have both published and taught in several areas outside this area of specialisation.

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  1. Positions Held

a) Teaching and Research Positions:

  • l974-1976        Temporary Lecturer,   Department   of   Logic   and   Metaphysics,   University   of   St. Andrews, Scotland
  • l976-l979:        Lecturer, Department of Philosophy,  University of Western Australia
  • l979-1987:       Senior   Lecturer,   Department   of   Philosophy,   University   of    Western Australia
  • l987-1988:       Associate  Professor,  Department  of  Philosophy,  University  of   Western Australia
  • 1988-2000 : Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Queensland
  • 2000-2013 : Arché Professorial Fellow, University of  St. Andrews, Scotland
  • 2000-2013:  Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy,  University of Melbourne
  • 2013- : Boyce Gibson Professor Emeritus, University of Melbourne
  • 2009- : Distinguished Professor, Graduate Center, City University of New York

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b) Visiting Positions:

  • Dec 77-Feb 78: Visiting Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
  • Dec 81-Feb 82: Visiting Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
  • March l982: Visiting Lecturer, Institute of Philosophy, Bulgarian Academy  of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Apr 82-Dec 82: Visiting   Professor, Department   of   Philosophy, University    of Pittsburgh
  • Feb 1986: Visiting Lecturer   Institute of Philosophy, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Feb 1986: Visiting Lecturer, Section of Logic, Polish Academy of Sciences, Łodz, Poland
  • July 1987: Research Fellow, Human Science Research Council, South Africa
  • Jan 1988: Project Visitor, Automated Reasoning Project, Research School  of Social Sciences, Australian National University
  • Dec 1989: Visiting Lecturer, Soviet Academy of Sciences, Moscow
  • 1990:  Visiting Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge University
  • Sept 1994: Visiting Professor, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Sao Paulo
  • Oct-Nov 1994: Visiting Professor, Department of Philosophy, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Jan-Dec 1997: Visiting Scholar, Graduate Center, City University of New York
  • Jan-Dec 1997: Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, New York University
  • August-September 1997: Visiting Professor, University of Uppsala
  • Jan. 2001: Visiting Professor, Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, India.
  • July-August 2002: Visiting Lecturer, Sino-British-Australian Summer school in Philosophy, Chengdu, China.
  • June-August, 2004: Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Kyoto University
  • Sept-Dec, 2004: Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, University of California at Berkeley
  • Jan. 2005: Visiting Professor, Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath, India.
  • Feb.-June 2008 Visiting Professor, Graduate Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University
  • July 2013 – December 2013, Humboldt Fellow, Department of Philosophy II, Ruhr University of Bochum.
  • May 2015: Shinhan Visiting Professor, Yonsei University, Seoul.
  • February-March 2019: Visiting Professor, University of Turin, Italy


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  1. Teaching Experience


I have taught (lectured or tutored) in nearly all branches of philosophy at a first-year level.

I have taught the following subjects at a more advanced level: philosophical logic; philosophy of language;   mathematical   logic;   history  and  philosophy  of science;   philosophy   of   religion; metaphysics; philosophy of mind; feminism; political philosophy; cognitive science; Asian philosophy; Buddhist philosophy; the history of philosophy.

I have supervised honours and post-graduate students in a number of the above areas,  and  been external examiner for a number of candidates for research degrees.

I have been  active  in  setting  up  a  number  of  new  courses,  as  well  as  the  whole   teaching programmes in Cognitive Science at the Universities of Western Australia and Queensland.

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  1. Administrative and Organisational Experience

I was Head of Department at Melbourne University from 2001 to 2003, and Head of the School of Philosophy at the University from 2007 to 2008.  I was also Head of Department for several terms at the University of Queensland.  Over the years, I have sat on many university boards and committees including:  Faculty Boards, University Academic Board, Promotion Committees, Small Grants Committees, Faculty Executives, and  numerous  ad   hoc committees.

I was the coordinator of the Cognitive Science Programme at the University of Queensland for two years.

I   have sat on  a  number  of  committees  reviewing  Philosophy  Departments   at   Australasian Universities.

I organised the 1983 meeting of the Australasian Association for Logic, the 1988 and 2004 meetings of the Australasian Association of Philosophy, and the World Congresses on Paraconsistency in Gent, 1997 and Melbourne 2008.

With others, I founded the Western Australian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, the Brisbane Philosophy Society, the New York Philosophical Logic Group, and annual meetings of the philosophy departments of the Universities of Queensland and New England, and the regular meetings of the Logic Groups of the Universities of Melbourne and Adelaide.

See also Section 9, esp. a), b).

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  1. Publications

a) Papers

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  •  January 2015, ‘Speaking of the Ineffable’, Heidegger and Dogen’, Kyoto University, at a public symposium connected with the research project Contradictions in East Asian Philosophy.
  • * January 2015, ‘Sein Language’, 4th Californian Metaphysics Conference, Logic and Metaphysics, University of Southern California.
  • * March 2015, ‘Things are Not What they Appear’, 2nd International Colloquium on Colours and Numbers: How Colours Matter for Philosophy, Federal University of Ceará.
  • * April 2015, ‘The Answer to the Question of Being’, Philosophy at the Boundary: Re-examining the Divide between Anglo-American and Continental Philosophy, University of New Mexico.
  • * April 2015, ‘The Fifth Corner of Four’, Oxford Madhyamaka Workshop, Lady Margaret Hall.
  • * April 2015, ‘Everything is Possible’, DRIFT Festival if Ideas, Amsterdam.
  • * May 2015, ‘Objects that are not Objects’, Korean Society for Analytic Philosophy, Hankuk University, Seoul.
  • * May 2015, ‘The Net of Indra’, faculty lecture as the Visiting Shinhan Professor, Yonsei University, Sincheon Campus.
  • * June 2015, ‘Replies’, 1st Veritas Philosophy Symposium, Yonesi University, Songdo Campus.
  • * June 2015, ‘Objects that are not Objects’, Jowett Society, Oxford University.
  • * June, 2015, ‘Speaking of the Ineffable, East and West’, Logic Conference, University of Rijeka.
  • June 2015, ‘What’s Special about Classical Mathematics?’, Pluralism Conference, Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik.
  • * June 2015, ‘Marxism and Buddhism: Not so Strange Bedfellows’, One, workshop with Graham Priest, University of Muenster.
  • * June 2015, ‘What’s Special about Classical Mathematics’, Logic in Bochum 1, University of Bochum.
  • * June 2015, ‘Plurivalent Logic, the Saptabhangi, and the Catuskoti’, Unilog 2015, the University of Istanbul.
  • * June 2015, ‘Thinking the Impossible’, Thinking the Impossible, University of Turin.
  • * July 2015, ‘The Net of Indra’, Australian Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Monash University.
  • * September 2015, ‘Thinking the Impossible’, Logicidad, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
  • * September 2015, ‘What’s the Specificity of Classical Mathematics?’, Mathematical Pluralism’, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
  • *September 2015, ‘How do you know what the right logic is?’, Bridges 2, Rutgers University.
  • * September 2015, ‘A Logue’, Fictionality, Factuality, Reflexivity, Hamburg University.
  • * September 2015, `Four Corners: Logic and Paradox in Madhyamaka Buddhism’ (with Jay Garfield), Hausser Lecture, Montana State University.
  • November 2015, ‘What’s the Specificity of Classical Mathematics?’, Midwest Conference on the Philosophy of Mathematics, 2015, University of Notre Dame.
  • * November 2015, ‘Contradiction and the Instant of Change Revisited’, Limit Decision Problems: Medieval and Contemporary Perspectives’, Topoi Excellence Cluster, Berlin.
  • * December 2015, ‘The Net of Indra’, meeting of the North American Association for Korean Philosophy, University of Toronto.
  • * December 2015, ‘It All Depends’, The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Grounding and Fundamentality, CUNY Graduate Center.
  • * December 2015 ‘Buddhism and Marxism: Points of Intersection’ (with Karsten Struhl), Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy.
  • * December 2015, ‘Some New Thoughts on Conditionals’, 20th Amsterdam Colloquium, ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam.
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  • * January 2016, ‘Does Truth Detach?’, Frontiers of Non-Classicality, University of Auckland.
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  • * April 2016, Selfridge Lectures in Philosophy, Lehigh University, ‘Marxism and Buddhism: Not so Strange Bedfellows’, and ‘Philosophy and its History’.
  •  *May 2016, ‘Kant’s Excessive Tenderness for Things in the World, and Hegel’s Dialetheism’, Logic in Kant’s Wake, McMaster University.
  • June 2016, ‘Paradoxical Propositions’, Workshop: Cardinality, Worlds and Paradox, University of Oslo.
  • *June 2016, ‘Imagination, Non-Existence, Impossibility’, The Internal Senses in the Aristotelian Tradition, University of Gothenburg.
  • * June 2016, a series of lectures at the University of Padua, ‘Dilaletheism and he History of (Western) Philosophy.
  • * June 2016, ‘The Fifth Corner of Four’, Workshop on the Fifth Corner of Four, University of Paderborn.
  • * June 2016, ‘Some New Thoughts on Conditionals’, Logic in Bochum II, Bochum University.
  • * September 2016, ‘Objects that are not Objects’, What in the World(s)?!, Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy, 5th Graduate Conference, Vienna.
  • * September 2016, ‘Waismann on Fiction and its Objects’, Friedrich Waismann’s Legacy and Presence, University of Vienna
  • * October 2016, ‘It was so Revolting I Couldn’t Take my Eyes off it’, 13th Annual Virginia Tech Graduate Philosophy Conference, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg.
  • * November 2016, ‘LP and Some of its Model Theory’ and ‘Goedel’s Theorem: Inconsistency vs Incompleteness’, Incompleteness Revisited, a meeting of the Swiss Graduate Society for Logic and the Philosophy of Science, Bern University.
  • * November 2016, ‘Counterfactuals and Theory-Choice’, Logic as Science, 1st Conference of the Anti-Exceptionalism Project, University of Bergen.
  • * March 2017, ‘It was So Revolting that I Couldn’t Take my Eyes off it’, Kretzmann lecture, Cornell University.
  • * April 2017, ‘The Dao is not So Silent: a Tribute to Raymond Smullyan’, Remembering Raymond Smullyan (Memorial Conference), CUNY Graduate Center.
  • * May 2017, Philosophische Meisterkurs, Munich University.
  • *June 2017, Kyoto Philosophical Logic Workshop II, ‘Logical Theory-Choice: the Case of Vacuous Counterfactuals’.
  • *June 2017,  An International Workshop on the Cosmos of Dōgen, Kyoto University, ‘Dōgen, Heidegger, and Nothingness’ (with Filippo Casati).
  • * June 2017,Dialetheism and Related Issues in Analytic Asian Philosophy: an International Workshop, Kyoto University, ‘Daode Jing and Mūlamadhyamakakārikā; Making Sense of Ineffability’.
  • July 2017, Australasian Association of Philosophy, University of Adelaide, ‘Fictional Objects Fictional Subjects’.
  • July 2017, Australasian Association for Logic, University of Adelaide, ‘Evans’ Argument and Vague Objects’.
  • * August, 2017, Ontology: International Summerschool on Philosophy, ‘Contradiction and Reality. Lecture 1: Paraconsistency and Dialetheism. Lecture 2: Hegel and Heidegger. Lecture 3: Everything and Nothing’.
  • *November 2017, Ernst Robert Curtius Lecture, University of Bonn, ‘Everything and Nothing’.
  • *February 2018, Edinburgh University Student Philosophy Society, ‘Objects that are not Objects’.
  • *February 2018, Ouroboros 2018: Formal Criteria of Self-Reference in Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Bonn, ‘This Sentence is not Provable’.
  • *February 2018, University College London Student Philosophy Society, ‘Objects that are not Objects’.
  • *February 2018, Doing Metaphysics in Non-Classical Logic, University of Lisbon, `Objects that are not Objects’.
  • * March 2018, All’Alba Dell’Eternita: I Primi 60 Anni de’la Struttura Originaria, Brescia, ‘Emanuele Severino, and the Principle of Non-Contradiction’.
  • * April 2018, Medieval Logic and its Contemporary Relevant, University of St Andrews, ‘Some Contemporary Solutions to Some Medieval Problems about the Instant of Change’.
  • * May 2018, As Formas da Razão, Universidade de Brazília, ‘Gödel’s Theorem and Paraconsistent Logic’.
  • * June 2018, Contradictions: Past and Present, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, ‘The Logical Structure of Dialectics’.
  • * June 2018, UNILOG2018, Vichy, ‘It was so Revolting I couldn’t take my eyes off it’.
  • * June 2018, UNILOG2018, Vichy, ‘It was so Revolting I couldn’t take my eyes off it’.
  • * June 2018, UNILOG2018, Vichy, ‘Dialetheic Metatheory’.
  • * August 2018, Melbourne Logic Group, Meeting inn Honour of Ross Brady, ‘Bery’s Paradox, Again…’
  • * September 2018, Non-Classical Modalities, National Autonomous University of Mexico, ‘Evans Argument and Vague Objects’.
  • * September 2018, Non-Classicality Aufgehoben, National Autonomous University of Mexico, ‘Dieletheic Metatheory’.
  • November 2018, 21st International Workshop, Political Science from the South, and Colloquium of Philosophy, Havana, ‘Marxism and Buddhism: Selves and Persons’.
  • * November 2018, 9th Analytic Philosophy Symposium, University of Austin, Texas, ‘Philosophy and its History’.
  • * December 2018, What’s so Bad about Dialetheism?, Kyoto University, ‘A Logue’
  • December 2018, What’s so Bad about Dialetheism?, Kyoto University, ‘The Logical Structure of Dialectic’
  • * December 2018, Kyto Workshop on the Self, I, Kyoto University, ‘Fictional Object Fictional Subject’.
  • * January 2019, Conditional Logics and Conditional Reasoning: New Joint Perspectives, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, ‘Conditionals: a Logician’s Perspective’.
  • * March 2019, Anti-Exceptionalism and Pluralisms: from Logics to Mathematics, IUSS, Pavia, ‘Mathematical Pluralism and Logical Pluralism’.
  • * March 2019, Public Lecture, Free University of Amsterdam, ‘Marxism and Buddhism: Radical Alternatives’.  EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO FLIGHT CANCELLATION.
  • *March 2019, CUNY-Milan Interdisciplinary Workshop, University of Milan, ‘Socrates Starts to be White: Medieval Accounts of Tense and Change’.
  • May 2019, Inaugural Pan-American Symposium on the History of Logic: Validity Throughout History, UCLA, ‘Buddhist and Jain Logic: Forerunners of Modern Paraconsistency?’
  • * June 2019, Curing Through Questioning: Philosophy as Therapy Across Ancient Traditions and Modern Applications, Worcester College, Oxford, ‘Buddhism Philosophy Compassion’.
  • * June 2019, Exceptionalist and Anti-Exceptionalist Perspectives on Logic, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ‘Anti-Exceptionalism and Logical Pluralism’.
  • * July 2019, Learning from Buddhist Logic, Australian National University, Canberra, ‘Speaking of Nothing…’.
  • * September 2019, American Mathematical Society, Fall Central Sectional Meeting,
  • * University of Wisconsin, Madison, ‘Goedel’s Theorem and Paraconsistency’.
  • September 2019, CUNY/Bergen Workshop on Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic, CUNY Graduate Center, ‘Anti-Exceptionalism and Non-Deductive Inference’.
  • * October 2019, 19th Trends in Logic, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, ‘Reflections on Orlov’.
  • *October 2019, Logicians’ Liberation League: 50 Years of Services to Logic, UNAM Mexico City, ‘Myer’s Paradox’.
  • * November 2019, ManyVal 2019, University of Bucharest, ‘Evans’ Argument and Vague Objects’.
  • *November 2019, The Logic of Paradox after 40 Years, Ruhr University of Bochum, ‘Gödel’s Theorem and LP’ and ‘LP, Forty Years On’.
  • * December 2019, St Andrews Philosophy Society, ‘Nothing’.
  • * January 2020, International Seminar on the Relevance of Indian Philosophy to Contemporary Western Philosophy, RamaKrishna Mission, Kolkata, ‘Marxism and Buddhism: Radical Alternatives. A Prolegomenon to Change’.
  • * January 2020, Beyond Classical: a workshop on Philosophy and Science, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, ‘Paraconsistency: Mathematics and Mind’.
  • *January 2020, 14th Nalanda Dialogue. Causality in Philosophy and Modern Science, Nava Nalanda Mahavira, Nalanda, ‘Form Pratityasamutpada to the Net of Indra’. 
  • March-July 2020. All of the following talks and events were cancelled due to the Corona virus pandemic. *March, Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar, Princeton University, ‘Perspectives on the Universe’. *March, New England Logic and Language Colloquium, Yale University, ‘Perspectives on the Universe’. *April, American Philosophical Association, San Francisco, ‘Nishida, Nothingness, and the Ground of Reality’. *April, Joint Utrecht/Bergen Logic Conference, Utrecht University, ‘Reflections on Orlov’. *May, Logic of Paradox and Logical Pluralism, Ruhr University of Bochum, ‘Logical Abductivism and Non-Deductive Inference’. *May, Utrecht Philosophy Lecture, ‘Marxism and Buddhism: Radical Alternatives. A Prolegomenon to Change’. *May, Utrecht University, Postgraduate Workshop, ‘Everything and Nothing’. *June, Rational Dilemmas, University of New Brunswick, ‘Rational Dilemmas and their Place in the Bigger Picture’. *June, Interpreting and Modelling Worlds,  Technical University, Berlin, ‘That’s Impossible’.   *June, Logic of Conceivability, University of Amsterdam, ‘That’s Impossible’. *July,  São Paulo Advanced School in Logic. Rationality and Information, University of Campinas, ‘Paraconsistency and its History’.
  • * May 2020, Utrecht/Bergen Logic Group, ‘What  is an Impossible World?’ [Remotely]
  • * June 2020, St Petersburg/Moscow Logic Group, ‘Perspectives on the Universe’ [Remotely]In addition to these I have read papers at Departmental Research Seminars and Colloquia at numerous universities in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, India, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, and Bulgaria.
  • May 2020, Utrecht/Bergen Logic Group, ‘What  is an Impossible World?’ [Remotely]

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  1. Current Research ProjectsI have a book coming out with Oxford University Press on Buddhist metaphysics later this year: The Fifth Corner of Four. I am just starting to write a book on Buddhism and Marxism. Provisional title: the point, however, is to change it.

Papers in Press

A Log
Dialetheism and the Sorites
Attraction and Repulsion
Logical Theory Choice: the Case of Vacuous Counterfactuals
Natural Deduction Systems for Logics in the FDE Family
Imagination, Non-Existence, Impossibility
Kant’s Excessive Tenderness for Things in the World, and Hegel’s Dialetheism
Characterisation, Existence, Necessity
Paradoxical Propositions
Fictional Objects Fictional Subjects
Waismann on Fiction and its Objects
Williamson on Counter-Possibles (with Franz Berto, Rohan French, and Dave Ripley)
The Catuṣkoṭi
Heidegger and Dōgen on the Ineffable (with Filippo Casati)
Inside Aussersein (with Filippo Casati)
From the Foundations of Mathematics to Mathematical Pluralism
On Ivanhoe on Oneness
?Can Buddhist and Jain Logic be Seen as Forerunners of Modern Paraconsistent Logic?
Dao De Jing and Mūlamadhyamakakārikā: Making Sense of Ineffability
Marxism and Buddhism: Not such Strange Bedfellows
Skill and Virtuosity in Buddhist and Daoist Philosophy (with Jay Garfield)
Review of Logical Studies of Para-consistent Reasoning in Science and Mathematics
Metaphysics and Logic: an Observation in Metametaphysics
Metaphysical Necessity: A Skeptical Perspective

Berry’s Paradox, Again…

Papers in Draft

A Model of Dialectics
Evans’ Argument and Vague Objects
Severino and the Principle of Non-Contradiction
Some Contemporary Solutions to some Medieval Problems about the Instant of Change
Modal Meinongianism and Object Theory: a Reply to Bueno and Zalta (with Franz Berto, Filippo Casati, and Naoya Fujikawa)
Why Philosophy?
Everything and Nothing
Dialetheic Metatheory
Logical and Mathematical Pluralism

Berry’s Paradox, Again…

Papers to be Drafted

*Limits of Intelligibility
Gödel’s Theorem and Dialetheism?
Inconsistent Boundaries which are Also Grounds
The Pluriverse and Mathematical Pluralism
*Intellectual Biography

* For deadlines

  1. Other Relevant Experience


a) Positions in Professional Societies


  • 1977-80: Foundation President of the W.A. Society for the History and Philosophy of Science


  • 1983-84:Secretary, Australasian Association for Logic


  • 1988-95: General Secretary, Australasian Association for Logic


  • 1989-90: Foundation Vice-President, Australasian Cognitive Science Association


  • 1992-2000:Member of  the Association for Symbolic Logic, Standing Committee for Logic in Australasia


  • 1996-2009: Chair of Council, Australasian Association of Philosophy


  • 1998-2003 : First Vice President, International Union for Logic, Philosophy and Methodology of Science

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b) Work for Journals


  • Late 1970s – 1999: Reviewer for the Zentralblatt fur Mathematik.


  • Late 1970s-Early 1980s: Editorial Board, Australian Logic Teacher’s Journal.


  • Early 1980s – 1997:Editorial Board, Australasian Journal of Philosophy.


  • Early 1990 – 1995 : Advisory Editor, Studia Logica.


  • 1995 – 2000 : Reviews Editor, Studia Logica.


  • 1997 – : Associate Editor, Australasian Journal of Philosophy.


  • 2000 – : Editorial Board, Studia Logica.


  • 2011 – : Editor, Review of Symbolic Logic


I am currently also on the advisory boards of Philosophy, Logic and Logical Philosophy, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Studies in Logic, though I have not kept records of the dates of appointment.

I  referee regularly for journals.  In the last few years, I have refereed for journals  including: Journal of Philosophical Logic, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, Logique et AnalyseStudia LogicaAustralasian  Journal  of  PhilosophySynthese, Analysis, Mind,  British  Journal  for the  Philosophy  of Science,Philosophical Quarterly and a number of others.

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c) Community Activities

  • Numerous External Education courses on philosophy (including some in prisons), and occasional lectures to bodies such as the Royal Society of WA.


  • Talks to schools.


  • Numerous public lectures, talks in philosophy cafes, and similar occasions.

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d) Media Activities

  • Philosophy broadcasts for 6UVFM (Perth) and ABC,Radio National.


  • Articles for the Brisbane Courier Mail, the Australian, and the New York Times.


  • ‘What is Philosophy?’, a video made for the Australasian Association of Philosophy.


  • Many radio interviews, e.g., on the ABC’s Philosopher’s Zone, Filosofiska Rummet (Sweden)

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e) Dramatic Activities

  • Editor of two Platonic dialogues and a Stoppard play.


  • Writer of two other philosophical plays.


  • Producer of all the above for public audiences with professional director and actors.(I played  a small role in one.)

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f) Student Activities

  • Frequent attender, and occasional lecturer, at Student Philosophy Society meetings and camps at all the universities at which I have worked.


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